Watershed Network Gathering: Reducing Salt to Keep Water Fresh
Event Dates
Event Description

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

We use a lot of salt in our water softeners and on our roads, and it takes a toll on fresh water. Rising levels of chloride (a component of salt) in local water bodies and drinking water have prompted Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Dane County, and other partners to take action to reduce salt. It’s a lot easier and less expensive to keep salt out of water than to remove it, and steps we all take to reduce salt use can help protect water while keeping water bills low. 

This gathering will include:

  • Overview of the chloride pollution issue and how Madison water bodies are affected
  • Explanation of home water softeners – how they work, why they’re used, and what you can do to reduce their salt use
  • Update on WI Salt Wise – recap of activities last winter, highlights of communities that have taken steps to reduce  salt, and plans to prepare for next winter
  • Resources that watershed groups can use to spread the word about salt reduction 


Enter the plant grounds through Gate 3 off of Moorland Road, which is brick and has an MMSD sign. The gathering will take place in the Maintenance Facility, which is found on this map

Emily Jones, Pollution Prevention Specialist, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, 1610 Moorland Road, Madison, WI 53713