Lakes and Watershed Commission
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5:00 pm

The Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission is a coordinating and advisory agency within Dane County government, established by the County Board in 1988. The Commission is charged with protecting and improving water quality, as well as the scenic, economic, recreational, and environmental value of Dane County's water resources. The Commission works with many local, regional, and state partners to complete its objectives.

The Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission periodically meets in locations throughout the county in order to provide updates about its initiatives and priorities, to hear from local residents about their water-related priorities and needs, and to learn how to support water-related groups in the area.  The agenda for Thursday’s Town of Westport-based meeting includes updates on several county projects north of Lake Mendota that may be of interest to area residents.

Kennedy Admin Building (5387 Mary Lake Rd, Waunakee)