Do Your Part


Helping to protect and improve water quality starts with managing stormwater and pollution where you live!  Learn more about these and other practices on the Ripple Effects website.

Storm drain markingKeep Storm Drains Clean

Keep all debris and litter out of the street.  Clean storm drains prevent localized flooding and keep unwanted nutrients and trash out of our lakes and rivers.

Leaves in streetRemove Leaves from the Street

As rain seeps through leaf piles it makes a rich "nutrient tea" that flows to storm drains and into local water bodies.  Help prevent this by removing leaves from your street (Ripple Effects).

Too much salt on the sidewalkGet SaltWise

Shovel first. Use salt sparingly. Read label for application rates and environmental impacts. Find out more on the Wisconsin Salt Wise website.                                                                                                   

Water groupJoin a Water-related Group

Join a water-related group or participate in a Watershed Network Gathering to learn more about existing efforts to protect and improve water quality.                                                                                                                         

Rain gardenPlant Native Plants and Rain Gardens

Native plants have deep root systems that help absorb and filter water. Rain gardens are depressions in the ground filled with native plants that can capture runoff from your house and lawn and infiltrate it into the ground.

DownspoutRedirect Your Downspouts

Divert your roof downspouts to the lawn or a gravel drain; do not direct them to a street, driveway or paved surface leading to a storm sewer or drainage. Image courtesy of Rainscaping Iowa.