Threats From Other Aquatic and Wetland Invasives


There are a number of aquatic invasive species that are in the Great Lakes and tributary waters or in neighboring counties or states that could invade Dane County waters. The most likely way that new aquatic invasive species (AIS) will be introduced here is by recreational boaters and anglers who don’t properly clean their boats, trailers or boating equipment. The Yahara chain of lakes is particularly vulnerable because those lakes receive a lot of boat traffic from waters such as Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Lake Winnebago and the Mississippi River that are all home to other invasive species. Tournament anglers coming from both in state and out-of-state also have a high potential to introduce AIS, particularly to the Yahara chain of lakes where tournaments are frequently held. 

Other potential modes of transport of AIS to Dane County waters include dispersal through river corridors, sale and distribution of plant nursery stocks, releases from aquariums, sale and distribution of bait, and accidental releases by anglers.

Visit the What Dane County is Doing page to learn about our Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Control Plan (PDF), its strategy for dealing with each of the modes of transport noted above, specific management actions being undertaken to reduce the likelihood of new AIS introductions, and actions to prevent the transport of invasives in Dane County to other counties.

The list below is of species that are not yet found in Dane County waters but could be introduced in the future. Preventing their arrival is a better option than dealing with them after they arrive!