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This summer, the Land and Water Resources Department is excited to host five staff writers from the Simpson Street Free Press, a nonprofit newspaper and youth center that teaches critical thinking and writing skills in hopes of bridging Madison’s achievement gap. Simpson Street Free Press works to cover a variety of environmental topics, and recently received a Conservation in Action award from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. They are excited to be a part of the partnership with Dane County Land and Water and are enjoying their internships! Learn more about the five staff writers and read articles they've written in the sections below.



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Staff Writer Profiles


Simpson Street Free Press staff writers
(L to R): Sharon, Sylvan, and Kadjata

Sharon is going to be a freshman at Lafollette. She has worked for Simpson Street Free Press for almost four years. She writes about a broad array of topics, including science and biographies of influential people. In her free time, Sharon likes to read, organize, and watch movies. She is excited for this opportunity because it will be a new experience and she will be able to learn more about the environment and how it affects Wisconsin.


Sylvan recently graduated from Evansville High School, and will be attending Hampshire College this fall. She has worked at Simpson Street Free Press since 8th grade, and currently edits and writes about environmental issues. She enjoys traveling, backpacking, reading, and learning new things. After attending Conserve School, a semester-long boarding school program that emphasizes environmental issues and outdoor recreation, she became interested in incorporating environmental advocacy in her future educational and career plans. She hopes to learn more about the role of local government in conservation during her internship.


Kadjata is going into 7th grade at O'Keeffe Middle School. She has worked for Simpson Street since 5th grade, and often writes about social justice and health related topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading books of various genres, drawing, creative writing, and playing violin. She is interested in this internship because she would like to learn more about water use and how it can affect local communities.


Simpson Street Free Press staff writers
Christy and Hugo

Christy is an incoming freshman at McFarland High School. She has worked for Simpson Street since 7th grade. She writes about a variety of topics including environmental issues and social justice. In her free time, she likes to read, play the piano, and dance. She is interested in this internship because she would like to learn more about the environment of Wisconsin and how to preserve it.


Hugo is 17 years old and currently lives in Madrid, Spain.  He visits his family in Madison every summer.  He started working at Simpon Street Free Press in July and enjoys it a lot.  Hugo will be going to university soon and plans to major in journalism and photography. His interests include soccer (he has played for 12 years) and taking photos and videos of his family and friends.