Beyond the Water's Edge Photo Contests

Photo courtesy of Ravi Hirekatur

The Beyond the Water's Edge Photography Contests invite photographers to submit images that capture the beauty and multiple uses of Dane County lakes, rivers, and wetlands.  Photographers are encouraged to help us re-think and re-see what may be invisible, taken for granted, forgotten, hidden: under the surface, in our midst, and beyond the water’s edge.

This contest was first held in 2013 in celebration of 25 years of service from the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission. Photographers were asked to consider a list of 25 special water-related places in Dane County (which can be seen on this map) in their contest entries.  The 2013 contest also invited poets to submit poetry inspired by the images.  An exhibition of winning photographs and accompanying poetry was displayed at various locations around Dane County.

Another photo contest was held in 2016 and a selection of photographs was displayed at the Goodman South Madison Branch of the Madison Public Library.

Photographs from the contest can be viewed on our Yogile photo site.

“Through this exhibit, gifted Dane County photographers and poets help us appreciate the importance of Dane County lakes, streams and wetlands in our lives.”  -Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive