Equity and Inclusion

Youth Apprenticeship and Career Pathways Program
Youth Apprenticeship and Career Pathways Program:
expanding the diversity of youth exposed to parks-related careers


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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department believes that everyone deserves to live in a community with healthy land and water resources and with access to the parks, trails, and other natural resources in the county. We are committed to ensuring that our policies and practices promote equitable access to these resources, and the jobs, opportunities, and programs that our department offers. Dane County has made progress, but some groups continue to face more barriers than others and we recognize that we have a lot of work to do to reach our goal.

In 2018, we developed an Equity and Inclusion Plan (PDF) and submitted a working draft to the Dane County Office of Equity and Inclusion. We expect that this plan will help increase our understanding of equity issues and how we can be a constructive part of a more equitable and inclusive department and county. The plan includes actions and ideas to increase the diversity of our workforce, and identify and remove barriers so that all county residents have equal access to our programs and services. This plan builds on equity initiatives already underway in our department. 

For information about Dane County's commitment to equity and inclusion, visit the Office of Equity and Inclusion's website.