2018 Budget Recommendations

Provide Advice to the Lakes and Watershed Commission as it Develops Water-related Budget Recommendations for 2018


Each year beginning in July, the Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission reviews the water-related budgets of Dane County departments and divisions, and makes recommendations to the County Executive for consideration in preparing the Executive budget.

The Commission solicits public input on the following year's county budget during the summer, and holds a public hearing on its draft budget recommendations in August.

After the public hearing, the Commission refines its recommendations and forwards them to the County Executive by September 1 for consideration in the Executive budget. Commission recommendations are also provided to the County Board for their use in budget deliberations. The County Executive’s budget is delivered to the County Board on or before October 1. The County Board and County Executive hold public hearings on the budget during September and October. The County Board acts on the budget after receiving the County Executive’s budget, typically adopting a final budget before Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Public Input Opportunities

  • On July 25, attend a public input session with the Commission at the Bayview Foundation Community Center
  • By August 2, complete this form and submit it to lakes@countyofdane.com for the Commission’s Executive Committee to consider as it develops draft recommendations for the 2018 budget.
  • Beginning August 4, review the draft Commission 2018 budget recommendations
  • August 16, 5 p.m., City-County Building Room 354, provide testimony to the Commission about the 2018 budget recommendations
  • October 1 through mid-November, contact the Dane County Board of Supervisors and County Executive about budget issues important to you